You would have read a few very useful online sports betting tips in our article, online sports betting tips. These included making sure that the online sports betting bookmaker has a valid license, managing your money and bankroll wisely, doing your homework and making sure to read the online sports betting websites terms and conditions so that you are fully aware of what constitutes a valid online sports bet.

Online Sports Betting Tips

Following on from the above article we have a look at a few more online sports betting tips that will really help you to make wise and informed decisions.

Online sports betting tip 5: Join the best online sports betting websites.
In order to reap the most rewards in the most secure and safe way, it is important to join only the best online sports betting sites. There are so many online sports betting websites in operation, however those of the highest quality are the only ones worth using.

Read here for a list of the top online sports betting websites in South Africa. Our rankings are based on extensive research and thorough testing, and we can assure you that only the best have been chosen.

Online sports betting tip 6: Keep it Simple
Many online sports bettors are tempted to complicated and advanced wagers to win big, where often the simplest bets are the ones that win. This is especially true if you’re new at online sports betting. The more experience you have, the more complicated your wagers can become.

Online sports betting tip 7: Use bonuses and promotions
Bonuses and promotions can offer you a variety of additional rewards, just for playing at an online sports betting site, whether you win or lose your bet. This is often a fun and worthwhile way to spend your money on an online sports betting site and it’s definitely worth shopping around at the various online sports betting websites for the best deals.

Online sports betting tip 8: Stick to what you know
It goes without saying that you will know the most about the sport that you’re passionate about as you will pay more attention to what is happening and understand the players, rules and teams. It is therefore wise to bet on the teams that you know a lot about when you first start online sports betting. Once you have placed a few bets and learnt how to go about betting, you can then branch out to other sports and events. Read more about The Best Online Sports Betting Opportunities of 2016 here.

Now that you understand the basic tips of online sports betting, learn more about Online Sports Betting in South Africa here.