How to Place a Soccer Bet

  1. Go to
  2. If you already have an account with BetXchange click Login, if not click Register an account and fill in the correct details.
  3. Remember you can only start your soccer betting if you have funds in your account, so before you begin click on My Account and Deposit in order to do so. You will now be able to begin your soccer betting.
  4. Once you’re on the Dashboard and would like to place a soccer bet, click on Soccer, which can be found either on the left hand column or under the top navigation bar.
  5. You will now be on a page with various options of the Soccer Tournaments and matches you can bet on:
    Todays Events
    Current Events
    Future and Outright
    By clicking on your preferred choice you will find a list of various tournaments being played around the world. The Soccer bets are divided by country and International/Clubs. The UEFA Champions League for example falls under International.
  6. Let’s say for example you are interested in placing a soccer bet under Future and Outrights, International and then the International Euro UEFA Championship 2016. You will now be on a screen that looks like this:


The three blue buttons on the right hand side are where you place your soccer bets.
BET – This is for a single soccer bet (Only one can be chosen per market)
MPL – This is for a multiple soccer bet
SMPL – This is for a special multiple soccer bet

8. The right hand side drop down menu “View odds as:” is where you are able to choose either decimal or fractional soccer betting odds. I like to work on fractional odds so have chosen this option.
9. I have scrolled down to the UEFA Euro – Winner Box, which looks like this:


I have then clicked BET for a single bet and you will now see your betting slip appear on the right hand side. Key in the Rand value your would like to bet. I placed a R1000 stake on this. The betting slip looks as such:


Therefore with a R1000 bet I stand a chance at total winnings of R3000.00 should Germany win.

*For more detailed information on what is deemed as a qualified bet, read BetXchanges terms and conditions on soccer betting.

10. Once you click the blue submit button, you will now receive this message as confirmation, you now know that your bet has been submitted:


11. Your ticket will now appear in the betting slip on the right hand side of your screen, which is where all your bets will appear.

All you have to do now is sit back and enjoy watching the UEFA Europa Championship.

Place your Soccer Bet here.

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