The San Marino Grand Prix at Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli is the next chapter in the Moto GP championship. Some might say this is a bit boring campaign, but each race is a competition of its own. Right now, Marc Marquez dominates throughout the season, and his performances have been magnificent. Though he didn’t win the previous two races.


There isn’t too much doubt about Marquez’s speed, because he is the fastest guy this year. We’ve seen that in the previous contest at Silverstone. Back then, Alex Rins waited for his chance behind the compatriot, knowing that he isn’t capable of holding the lead too much. Rins did pass Marquez at one point but quickly got back behind as he saw that it is wiser for him to sit back and spare the tires than to dictate the tempo. Eventually, his tactics worked and earned him a top spot on the podium.

About Marquez, he did miss to win twice in the last two events, and it was pretty much after a thrilling finish in which his rivals outsmarted him, but do know that still, he didn’t go below the second spot on the podium since the start of the season. The only time the reigning champ wasn’t among the top three was in the US when he didn’t finish the race at all.

Andrea Dovizioso had a second place in the Czech Republic and a win in Austria but failed to end the race in Britain. The Italian is still second in the standings with his Ducatti, but his chances of catching the Spanish rider are minimal. Many believed in Dovizioso’s comeback after the last two podiums, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

The track in San Marino is super-suitable for the Japanese machines. In the last 12 years, Ducatti was the only manufacturer who managed to squeeze in and post some wins. He had two, while Yamaha and Honda had 10 combined, 6 and 4 respectively in this order, and that is something we need to have in mind before the race starts.

Previous Races

Dovizioso rode Ducatti in one of those two triumphs, and that was last year. After 11 years of waiting, the Italians were once again celebrating at home. Prior to that, Valentino Rossi was the previous home rider who managed to win here, at 2014. Three years following that victory and four before, it was all about the Spanish riders, Jorge Lorenzo three times, and Dani Pedrosa and Marc Marquez.


Even though Dovizioso might not be the No.1 favorite to win this one, we need to count on him here. Ducatti has a solid machine, and the fact that he will have a crowd behind him makes Dovi a perfect guy to finish on the podium. The same thing goes for Rins, who was solid here last year with a much worse bike than now. Back then he started 10th and finished fourth having a fantastic show of his own while reaching that position. In this case, Rins has tremendous momentum, and we will also go with him finishing among the top three. BetXChange has nice offers for you, and don’t hesitate to check them all.


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