No one family seems to dominate international headlines quite like the British royal family, and the inclusion of the glamorous Kate Middleton into its fold has only served to fuel this media fire. From fashion to décor choices, her selections turn any business to gold. So, it’s no wonder that her and William’s blossoming herd will draw even more media attention. In 2013 the world welcomed gorgeous Prince George. In 2015, sweet Princess Charlotte graced the gilded stage with her presence. And now, 2018 is set to welcome the family’s newest addition.

will and kate baby name

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with children George and Charlotte

Baby name betting

Some are looking to make big cash, others are in it for the fun and a select few just want to feel a part of the joyous occasion – whatever the reason, betting on the latest royal baby is an extremely popular pastime.

With the announcement of Prince George as the name to the new heir, bookies cashed in bigtime with CNN estimating more than $1.8-million in bets made over the name. In the hours after the Duchess of Cambridge went into labour, one betting organisaiton took a whopping 50 000 bets with the big money on Alexandra for a girl and James or George for a boy. Many bookies called it one of the biggest non-sporting betting events in history.

British bookmakers didn’t seem too surprised by the announcement of second-born Charlotte, with this name being an odds-on favourite for several days. This is possibly a leak from an inside source, although being the feminine version of William’s father Charles, as well as the middle name of Pippa, Kate’s sister, it wasn’t a long shot. It was estimated that about $1.5 million was handed over to punters following the announcement.

And, it seems, the interest hasn’t waned third time around. Within half an hour of Kensington Palace’s most recent announcement that Kate and Will are expecting their third child, bookmakers were already receiving odds on the royal baby’s name and gender.

Current predictions and odds

As it stands, the odds on gender seem to be quite equal with the odds of twins quite high at 33/1. When it comes to baby names, there seems to be a firm belief that the next in line will be named after a former or current member of the royal family.

Girls names

1. Alice (7/1) – Alice is the out-and-out favourite for a few reasons. Firstly, the Duchess of Cambridge is believed to have written a dissertation on Alice in Wonderland’s author, Lewis Carroll. Secondly, Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, was Queen Elizabeth’s aunt.
2. Diana (16/1) – Despite this being princess Charlotte’s third name, there is still a suspicion the two will, once again, honour the late Queen of Hearts by naming their newborn after her.
3. Margaret (20/1) – Keeping it in the family, this is the name of the Queen’s late sister, and also a top contender.
4. Victoria (10/1) – Extremely royal and a nod to the second-longest running monarch in the United Kingdom, this is another good bet.
5. Alexandra (12/1)  – One of the queen’s middle names as well as the name of her great-grandmother.
6. Mary (16/1) – Another of the queen’s middle names and the name of her grandmother.

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Betting odds are subject to change.

Boys names

1. Philip (14/1) – The 96-year-old Duke recently retired from royal life so they might be looking to introduce a new Philip into the royal spotlight.
2. Arthur (10/1) – Prince William’s second name and, reportedly, Charles’ first choice as a baby name – although Diana vetoed it as a first name option.
3. James (10/1) – A very kingly name, this is the name of Kate’s brother and also Prince Edward’s son.
4. Henry (10/1) – This is Prince William’s brother’s official name and the two are very close so it would be a very nice gesture. It is more likely that the junior royal would go by ‘Henry’ rather than ‘Harry’ though.

prince philip princess margaret

Prince Philip and Princess Margaret are both favourites

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Betting odds are subject to change.

Top 20 names in the United Kingdom for 2017

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have opted for royal names for their children’s six names (George Alexander Louis and Charlotte Elizabeth Diana), both first names were already fairly popular at the time of birth so it’s likely they will opt for a current royal name this time around. Here are the top names in the United Kingdom at the moment:

Girls Boys
1 Isabella Noah
2 Olivia Harry
3 Emma Oliver
4 Ava Jack
5 Mia Charlie
6 Harper James
7 Amelia Oscar
8 Emily George
9 Ella Leo
10 Abigail Sulien

Although there aren’t any royal overlaps in the girls’ top 10 names, Harry, Charlie and James do still stand a chance!

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