Whether you’re looking to bet on rugby, soccer, cricket or tennis, here are a list of 10 great sports betting websites to choose from:

10 Trusted Sports Betting Websites

1. Keith Ho BetXchange.com
Keith Ho BetXchange.com is a leader in offering the largest variety of sports betting options in South Africa. You can bet on all major sporting events on thier website with live betting which allows you to place a bet while the match is being played, as well as smaller sports and events. Some of the main sports on offer include Rugby, Horse Racing, Soccer, Cricket, Golf, Tennis, Boxing and Tennis. One of the oldest and most established sports betting websites, Keith Ho BetXchange offers high security as well as great sign-up bonuses, rewards and promotions.

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2. Bet365
Bet365 is a great sports betting website for the more established bettor. They offer a number of quick bet and in-play options that always make the experience more fun. The layout, which is very compact and full of content, is designed to emulate the live experience of visiting a local bookmaker and this is something that sets it apart.

3. Sportingbet
Sportingbet.co.za is a well known sports betting website and offers a number of payment options as well as good betting odds on a number of events. Payout is quick and easy and you are able to place bets on sports such as football, rugby, tennis and golf as well as US sports such as Basketball and US Football. As easy to use and friendly site.

4. Hollywood Bets
Hollywood bets is a fun sports betting website and has its roots in the publishing industry. They are also recognised for their sports betting information publications and guides. Sports betting opportunities include betting on soccer, rugby, horse racing and more. They offer a casino style betting environment.

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5. GBets
Gbets online sports betting website is relatively new in South Africa and is licensed by the Western Cape Gambling Board. Gbets offer betting odds on all the major South African sports as well as international sports such as Baseball, Ice hockey and Basketball. An easy to use and friendly place, this sports betting website offers all that is needed for a bettor.

Registration Bonus of up to R10 000

6. Sunbet
The Sunbet sports betting website offers a number of sports to bet on including Rugby, Soccer, Cricket and Horse Racing. Good betting odds are available on up to 60 live events per week. There is also live in play online betting for selected events. Sunbet is part of the Sun International chain of companies.

7. Betting World
Betting World is a well known sports betting website for horse racing and sports betting. Some great betting odds are offered as well as an easy to use platform. Betting World also offers Tab Betting, as well as Horse racing predictions from Darryl Maree.

8. World Sports Betting
On the World Sports Betting website you will find a wide range of sports to bet on as well as numerous betting options and live in-play opportunities. They offer all major sports such as soccer, rugby and cricket but also have a few lesser known events to bet on such as darts, ice hockey and netball. An easy to use sports betting website, world sports betting offers great promotions, bonuses and rewards.

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9. Sportsbet
An established sports betting website, Sportsbet has been a sports book since 1989. Live betting available on sports such as American Football, Australian Rule Rugby and Baseball make the betting options fun and exciting. Betting odds on the familiar sports such as rugby and soccer are also available. An easy to use platform.

10. Bet.co.za
This is a relatively new online sports betting website but offers good odds, is secure and convenient and has a friendly online betting platform. Betting odds on major sports such as cricket, soccer, rugby and horse racing are available however they do also offer betting odds on lesser known sports such as badminton and handball. A fun and easy to use sports betting website.

These online sports betting websites are the best in the South African market, providing legal and safe online betting on all major sporting events.