For many South Africans, rugby is an important part of life. It’s a national pastime and cultural phenomenon. Weekends and weddings are planned around upcoming fixtures and moods are determined by whether the favourites win or lose. This undeniable connection has invariably led to an increased interest in betting, a way to truly show your love and faith in your team. And, with the growth of online betting sites, there’s never been a better time than now to take a look at rugby betting sites.

For those that are new to online betting sites, there are a number of elements that set some betting sites apart from others. Going with reputable, well-known betting sites is always your best option as they are more likely to have safer security measures which gives you peace of mind. It’s also important to compare betting sites, looking at aspects such as competitive betting odds, whether the betting site is user-friendly, how quick the payouts are and what bonuses are on offer. Below is a list of my four top-ranked rugby betting sites which tick all the boxes.

Rugby Betting Sites

1. Paddypower has a wealth of content laid out in an easily digested format which makes it one of the leading sports’ betting sites. The left-hand column has useful Quick Links and a list of the huge variety of sports available while promotions and in-play betting – something the sites prides itself on – are easy to access in the right-hand column. They offer very competitive odds and run a number of match-specific promotions that really benefit the user. Outside of rugby betting, I also enjoyed a number of the obscure bets such as politics, music and Hollywood available on this betting site.

2. For South Africans, the best local option is Keith Ho Betxchange, one of the nation’s leading betting sites. When it comes to rugby betting, there are always a number of promotions available including Super Rugby first 5, Super Rugby fantasy league and Super Rugby SuperBru, ensuring a variety of betting platforms. In addition, Betxchange offers clients both local and international sports as well as live betting options, allowing you to cast a bet while the match is in play. I found this betting site’s layout was simple and easy to use while providing a lot of information that explains how to register, place bets and take advantage of their various promotions. This betting site is also connected to a number of social media sites so you can constantly be kept up-to-date with promotions.

3. Certainly one of the better-known betting sites, Bet365 also has a wide range of sports betting, including rugby union and rugby league. The very attractive £200 wager match sign-up promotion means that the site will match 100% of what you deposit up to that amount. They also offer a number of quick bet and in-play options that always make the experience more fun. The layout, which is very compact and full of content, is designed to emulate the live experience of visiting a local bookmaker and I feel this is something that sets it apart.

Whether you’re an avid rugby fan looking to make some profit off of your beloved sport, or simply looking for another dynamic to rugby entertainment, visiting a rugby betting site is a great way to get involved.