Week 9 of the EURO 2020 qualifiers are starting this midweek, which means that there are fantastic opportunities for us punters to make some profit. In the sea of matches, we chose three of them, which will, in our opinion, be the most attractive for betting. And of course, we picked the safest tips for each one of them.


England vs. Montenegro

The hosts need to win this one after falling in Prague against the Czech Republic during the previous international break. It was something nobody expected, especially after convincing performances Southgate’s side had at the start. In order to eliminate all the possible problems before the last round, the Albion would need to notch three points against the visitors from the Balkans. All the matches England played in the qualifiers saw over 2.5 goals, and each time they appeared at Wembley, the hosts would score at least four times. Regarding Montenegro, this modest side still didn’t record a win in this assembly, and they experienced many turmoils in their squad since the qualifications began. The first game ended with England trashing the former Yugoslav republic with 5-1 in Podgorica.

Having all this in mind, we would go here with England winning and over 3.5 goals as they would most definitely look to solve this one convincingly. BetXChange is offering 0.79 for this pick.

Croatia vs. Slovakia

The World Cup runners-up need just one point to secure their trip to EURO 2020. The Slovakians, on the other side, need at least one point to stay in the race, as they have two points fewer than Hungary, but also a game in hand. This pretty much guarantees a spectacle in Rijeka, which is the venue of the contest. Several Croatian defenders won’t be eligible for this event, but according to their coach, it won’t affect the overall performance. All but one of their matches in the group ended with a moderate efficiency, meaning between 2 and 3 goals, and all three at home were wins in which the Croatians scored twice at least. Slovakia has two defeats since the start of the qualifications. One of them was against this rival, and it was pretty painful 0-4. Since then, Pavel Hapal’s boys beat Hungary on the road and took one point against Wales.

It is a do or die situation for both sides, with the note that the hosts are in a slightly better position. They won’t attack first at all costs, and the same applies to the Slovaks, which is why we believe that under 2.5 goals could be the best deal here. This recommendation is priced at 0.80.

Romania vs. Sweden

Another pretty intense match between two sides who are direct rivals for the place which leads to EURO. Sweden has one point more than the Romanians, but if they lose here by a two-goal margin or more, the situation for the Blaugult will become pretty messy. They would need to win in the last round, and for their next opponent to lose in Spain. Now that would be pretty realistic, if it weren’t for the fact that the Spaniards already secured the top spot, meaning that they don’t have to play with full strength. Romania missed a chance to be in a much better position, as they played just 1-1 at home with Norway. They often concede goals, but on the other side, know how to strike back, the same as Sweden.

Having all this in mind, we simply have to go with both teams to score, although some might believe that it is too risky. BetXChange will reward this with nice odds, sitting at 0.83.


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