Here are a few Vodacom Durban July Betting tips you may be interested in reading if you’re planning to place a bet at one of South Africa’s most prestigious horse races, the Vodacom Durban July.

1. Durban July Betting Tip 1: Do your Research

The horses that are racing at the Vodacom Durban July this year have a long history of racing in tournaments over the last few years. By understanding how they performed in each race, will give you a better understanding of their expected performance at the Vodacom Durban July. For example this year’s current favourite, Marinaresco, has worn blinkers in his last three races and will do so for the Durban July. Last year’s winner, Power King was the first blinkered horse to win the Durban July since 2006.

To add to this, professional horse racing bettors always look for the “value” in a bet. This is when their idea of the probability for a horse winning is bigger than the bookmaker’s price indicates. If for example they think a horse has a 40% chance (15/10) of winning and the horse is priced up at 2/1 (33%), they have a decent betting opportunity. Therefore merely betting on your favorite horse is a risky decision as it may not pay off. It’s important to assess which bets will give you the most value, so do your homework.

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2. Durban July Betting Tip 2: Manage your betting budget

All successful Durban July bettors know that you need to have a Durban July betting budget and stick to it. This is true especially if you have a good win. Sticking to your Durban July betting budget allows you to plan your betting budget responsibly and ensures you don’t bet money that you don’t have to bet with. Responsible Durban July betting is paramount when it comes to your betting budget.

3. Durban July Betting Tip 3: Don’t bet too big too early

It’s important for Durban July betting enthusiasts to manage their betting strategy and system to ensure that they don’t bet too big too early on. What does this mean? It means that if you place all your eggs in one basket too early on in the day, you may miss out on opportunities later in the day as your betting budget has already been exhausted. Divide your budget and time on opportunities throughout the day to ensure maximum coverage. This betting tip has helped many to win big at the Durban July.

4. Durban July Betting Tip 4: Have consistent betting systems

Serious horse racing punters are consistent in what they play. They don’t miss a place accumulator because three in a row have lost and they don’t increase their bet if they had a good win the day before. The best Durban July betting punters find a system that works and they stick to it.

5. Durban July Betting Tip 5: Assess the going before you bet

The going is the ground that horses will race on. Most horses will be influenced by the surface that they race on, is it muddy and soft or is it dry and firm? If a horse wins one or more races on soft or heavy going, you can presume with good reason that such ground is suited to his racing style. Unless the horse has run poorly on firm going, there is no conclusive evidence that firm going might not suit the horse even better. Therefore pay careful attention to the going before placing a bet.

So there are our 5 Durban July betting tips.

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