We have two more Grand Prix until the end of 2019 F1 season, but everything is already known. Lewis Hamilton retained the title in the drivers’ championship, while Mercedes also preserved its throne only in the constructor’s competition. However, even though all this is acknowledged, the hype surrounding this event is very big. The race itself is interesting and amusing, due to several circumstances which make it unique. It is why every driver likes to come here and compete. Counterclockwise direction and high altitude are some of them.


It appears that the weather will dictate a lot of things at Interlagos. Heavy rain, which already indicated its presence, is a factor that could make this contest even more compelling. Of course, that, and the fact that there is no more pressure regarding the title fights, meaning that the drivers could relax a little bit.

For Lewis Hamilton, the most important thing is his new contract. He is currently negotiation a new deal with the Silver Arrows, and according to some information, the champion is not that thrilled with the offer from the opposite side of the table. His pace in the second training session was enough for the fifth place, behind all the important rivals, but that doesn’t have to mean anything once the race starts.

Mercedes is definitely back in the saddle after a period in which their domination slowed down. Four straight wins, two by each driver, showed that although Ferraro took away their advantage at the qualifications when it comes to the race, where tactics have a massive impact, the Arrows are still No.1. Valtteri Bottas is driving excellently, we might say probably the best in the entire caravan, and from our point of view, he is the top favorite to win this Grand Prix.

The Ferraris are quiet for now when talking about Vettel’s and Leclerc’s relationship. The two seemingly eased the tensions, but we’ll see what happens next with the Prancing Horse. As for this race, they took the 1-2 at the second training session, with Vettel being fastest. But there is one thing you oughta know, and that is Leclerc’s penalty. The younger of two drivers changed his engine, and he will start 10 places lower from his position won at the qualifications.

Max Verstappen is eager to get his win in Brazil, after last year’s jinx, once he lost what should have been an easy triumph. He and Alexander Albon have been showing solid pace, but the latter who set the best time at the first practice session crashed at the very end of the same. Verstappen was third during the second session, and he looks pretty solid.

Previous Races

With the exception of 2017, Mercedes is the ruling force at Interlagos since 2014. But Hamilton won just two races, and the rest were Nico Rosberg’s and Jenson Button’s triumphs. Vettel has three wins, one with Ferrari in 2017, and there is one active driver with a top spot on the podium here – Kimi Raikkonen.


From this point of view, it seems that two of the safest picks are that Bottas and Verstappen end on the podium. The odds might not be massive, but the risk, on the other hand, is acceptable. For the Dutchman to finish among the top 3 places, the offer at BetXChage is 0.30, and for his Fin colleague, 0.40. We find this to be the best possible solution in this case.


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