The Los Angeles Lakers’ fans are celebrating. After a long drama, Anthony Davis has finally come to LA, where he will join LeBron James and try to attack the NBA title.

According to several insiders from the league, the two franchises have worked out a deal which will send AD to Lakers, and in return, the Pelicans will get Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, the No.4 pick from this year’s draft and two future picks.

This concludes one of the most interesting stories in the league over the past few years. Everything started before the New Year when LeBron James publicly tampered with Davis, after which the three-time All-NBA decided to request a trade from the team.

Lakers tried to trade for AD, but the Pelicans refused that, saying that the purple and gold franchise used illegal moves before and disrespected the entire organization from New Orleans.

Davis played limited minutes until the end of the season. But when the Pelicans got the No.1 pick at this year’s lottery, things have changed.

They have the opportunity to pick Zion Williamson, who is one of the most talented players ever, and who will no doubt make a huge impact on the league.

Davis’ value in New Orleans dropped, and the new executive vice president of basketball operations, David Griffin decided to exploit his name and take everything available from the Lakers.

The Pelicans now have very much talent but also assets for more trades, as they plan to land one All-Star in Louisiana. Nobody could predict who that is, but this is undoubtedly the start of one very exciting free agency.

Lakers will now have championship potential, with LBJ and Davis, and we can expect them to be very string next season.


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