Online gambling, including sports betting, continues to surge in popularity and this upward trend is only expected to continue. In 2016, changes in legalisation of 85 countries saw the online gambling market increase by 9% with 70% of gambling profits coming both from online casinos and internet sports betting companies. By 2020, it is expected that the online gambling mass market will exceed $60 billion. In addition to the massive growth, here are a few other betting trends that have emerged.

6 Online Betting Trends

1. Online innovation

Technology drives betting tren and as new technology develops, online betting organisations will constantly be looking for ways to incorporate this into the industry, with new formats and original solutions already available for users. Augmented and virtual reality, new game types, as well as the interactive live format will continue to develop.

2. Crypto currency usage

Bitcoin – the cryptocurrency leader – has just moved passed $14 000 which has cemented the position of alternative or crypto currency in the market. Although credit and debit cards remain the most popular online payment methods, digital and crypto currency is becoming a dominant force in online sports betting. A betting trend to keep and eye on.

3. Increase of female users

There is a growing betting trend of women coming onto the betting scene with the most active female audience aged between 32 and 35 years. They are being drawn to online casinos which are specifically designed for the female audience and the majority – 75% – prefer playing off mobile devices.

4. Enhanced security

The more activity that occurs online – particularly when money is involved – the faster the security technology must develop to keep up with this. Hacking, data theft and DDos attacks are a concern, both for the online betting organisations as well as the users, so there is substantial funding going towards gambling and online betting security. A  year on year trend in the online industry.

5. More online socialisation

Online users seem to enjoy some form of social interaction – albeit cyber-socialising – which has led to a rise in games operated through social networks designed for mobile phones. This gives people the opportunity to play with friends and compete against each other in tournaments, all for money. This is a interesting trend that has grown in recent years.

6. Mobile gambling

People like to be able to bet online at any moment and from anywhere which is why mobile gambling continues to be a growing trend. Women, in particular, much prefer betting from mobile devices. Most online betting companies have mobile apps where players can place bets on their mobiles from anywhere and at any time.

7. Innovative marketing

Marketing is obviously a big money-spinner so betting companies aren’t looking to get rid of it altogether, rather there are more innovative marketing techniques being incorporated. The trend in the betting industry is torwards more online advertising and more personal, targeted marketing seem to be having more of an impact worldwide.

The rise of online betting has opened up the format to a whole new market of people who would never before have considered this as a recreational activity. As worldwide trends in gaming evolve, these will translate into the betting sphere so expect to see a surge of creativity in online betting going forward.

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