The Sun Met celebrated with Mumm will come out in full colour on the 27th January 2018. One of the most exciting and prestigious events on the horse racing calender, The Sun Met promises lots of fun and great winnings. Below we look at the latest Sun Met betting odds, Sun Met betting tips, Sun Met betting types and more.

Horse Betting: The Sun Met 2018

If you are wanting to bet on the races at The Sun Met 2018 then you have a few options to choose from. We have listed the most popular Sun Met horserace betting types below.

The Sun Met Betting Options

Win This is the most popular and where you bet on a certain horse to win the race.
Place This is where you bet on a horse to finish in the placings. The number of horses qualifying for place payouts depends on the number of runners:
Runners Place
5 or less: No place betting
6 to 7:  First, second
8 to 15:  First, second, third
16 or more: First, second, third, fourth
Eachway This bet combines a Win and a Place bet. You collect the Win and Place payouts if the horse you bet on finishes first. You get the Place payout if the horse finishes second or third. The same amount is always bet for the Win and the Place.
All to Come This bet enables the Win or Place bets on horses in different races at the same race meeting to be combined into one accumulative bet. You are able to win big on this bet with a relatively small amount.
Exacta Bet on the horses to finish first and second in the exact order. Bet 3 different ways:
Single: Choose 1 horse for first and 1 horse for second.
Perm: Choose any number of horses for first and for second.
Box: Choose 2 or more horses. You collect if the horses chosen include the first and second finishers.
Double Choose the winners of the 2 consecutive races that comprise the Double (the first of the 2 races in a Double is termed Leg 1; the second is Leg 2). A Double can be taken on all consecutive races.A6
Swinger A Swinger bet is where you pick 2 horses in a race and couple them in a Swinger. You win if the 2 horses chosen fill 2 of the first 3 places.
Trifecta Bet on the horses to finish first, second and third in the exact order.
Quartet Bet on the horses to finish first, second, third and fourth in the exact order.
There are 4 different ways to bet the Trifecta and Quartet and these are Single, Multi, Float (Rove) and Box. A well liked Trifecta option is the Multi, choosing one horse for first with three or more other horses for second and third.
BiPot Choose a horse, or horses, to finish first or second in each of the 6 races that comprise the BiPot (Legs 1 to 6).
Pick 3 Choose the winners of any 3 consecutive races. One horse or more can be chosen in each of the three races. Fractional betting may not be used.
Pick 6 Choose the winners of all 6 races that comprise the Pick 6 (Legs 1 to 6). One horse or more can be chosen in each of the 6 races.
Place accumulator Choose a horse, or horses, to finish first, second or third in each of the 7 races that comprise the Place Accumulator (Legs 1 to 7).
Jackpot Choose the winners of all 4 races that comprise the Jackpot (Legs 1 to 4). One horse or more can be chosen in each of the 4 races.

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The Current Sun Met Betting Odds

The final field for the Sun Met 2018 hasn’t been announced yet so stay tuned for the final field. Diarise these important dates:

First Supplementary Entries Close at 11h00 on Tuesday 12 December 2017
Final Supplementary Entries Close at 11h00 on Monday 8 January 2018
Weights will be published on Monday 8 January 2018
Final Declarations are due by 11h00 on Monday 15 January
Announcement of the Final Field will be made on Monday 15 January 2018
Barrier Draws to be made at an event on Wednesday 17 January 2018
The compulsory public gallops will be held on Thursday 18 January 2018

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Always an exciting event in the horse racing calendar, the Sun Met 2018 promises to be full of glitz, glamour and exciting winnings.

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All betting odds are correct at time of publishing. This may vary on a daily basis. Please check the current betting odds before placing your bets.