The English Premier League is starting soon, that is this weekend, and we have to make a quick preview of the 2022/23 season. There are several teams who are in contention to win the title, with Manchester City and Liverpool being top favorites. On the other side, the relegation battle will be interesting as well, as there is a solid number of teams who could end up below the red line. 

Title Race

Liverpool dismantled Manchester City in the Community Shield. Now, that doesn’t have to mean anything but do remember that Liverpool chased City until the last round in the previous campaign. If they didn’t play in the UCL finals and had all sorts of other obligations at that moment, we believe that the situation would be much different. 

City changed its tactics by bringing Erling Haaland and getting rid of Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus. They are now more physical in the upfront and that is something this unit lacked in the past. 

On the other side, Liverpool made a quiet transition in the attack, landing Darwin Nunez and Luis Diaz earlier. These guys are two flamboyant savages able to shred into pieces any defense in the world. 

There is no doubt that these teams will decide who wins the title, and right now, our pick is Liverpool, who is a bit underestimated when looking at the odds. 

Pick: Liverpool

Top Four 

Tottenham and Antonio Conte are very serious contenders, and the Spurs look like a team that will almost surely end among the top four places. The Italian landed a few players, filled in the gaps on the roster, and finally has those players who are able to fit in his style of play. In the meantime, none of the Spurs’ top players left the team.

Arsenal is also our pick for the top four finish. The Gunners had the best shop of the summer in Gabriel Jesus. The Brazilian upgraded the team, making it better a lot. With him in the attack, all the other players play much better, while Jesus perfectly does his primary job, which is scoring. So in our humble opinion, both teams from North London would reach the UCL next year.

As for Chelsea and Manchester United, they look pretty chaotic at the moment. Chelsea will be ultra-defensive, waiting for the chance to strike from counter-attacks, as Tuchel formed such a team. Werner, Havertz and Sterling like such a style of play, and shipping Lukaku back to Milan is another proof that supports our claim.

As for United, the Red Devils have many new players, which isn’t the biggest problem for Erik Ten Hag. Cristiano Ronaldo’s status, on the other side, is. We still don’t know what will happen with the Portuguese who want to leave, and if the team denies him that request, things might get ugly and the chemistry ruined. 

Pick: Arsenal

Relegation Battle

The one thing we believe deeply is that Brighton won’t survive in the EPL. The latest news suggests Marc Cucurella might leave the team because Chelsea and Man City push hard to get the Spanish defender. Previously, Yves Bissouma departed for Tottenham, and Leo Ostigard ended up in Napoli. That left a wide gap ahead of their goal, which we believe can’t be covered up. If Cucurella leaves, that will surely be the end of Brighton’s journey in the EPL.

Pick: Brighton


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