Over the last few years, Las Vegas has been trying to establish itself as one of the sports capitals in the United States. We’ve seen them landing NFL and NHL teams (Raiders and Knights) and trying to add even more franchises in other sports. 

However, being the home of a Formula 1 race will make it a global, not a regional center. Even though there are plenty of other activities in this city, such as UFC events or fantastic boxing matchups, the upcoming Formula 1 race is, without any doubt, the top event in Nevada this month.

Just to mention, Formula 1 and Las Vegas signed a 10-year contract for the race with an option to become permanent partners.

Las Vegas Transitioning to Sports 

Sin City, as some call this place, is on track to becoming a “sports” city. Las Vegas is still known as the best place on Earth for gambling and having fun, but with the addition of various sporting activities, that’s undoubtedly going to change. 

Sunday’s race is the start of a new era not only for the city but for Formula 1 as well. The race will be the third in the calendar on US soil besides Miami and Austin, but it is the most hyped without any debate. As everything that appears in Las Vegas, it needs to be flashy and with plenty of noise. That was the campaign for this event. 

Plus, since it takes place on the streets and not the classic circuit, the eyes of the entire city and the F1 community will be pointed in that direction. After all, we all love street races more than ordinary ones.

During the race, we will see plenty of spectacular sights and images, which can be compared only to those in Monte Carlo. 

Every start is hard, and as we saw, the same will apply in this situation. The chaos during the training session on Friday and Saturday was unexpected, and it revealed plenty of issues, but be sure that won’t and can’t diminish the excitement and the hype. 

As stated, this will be a street race with a track length of 6.200 kilometers. The race will include 50 laps, so in total, we are ahead of 310 kilometers of fun in the flashiest desert city in the world.

Las Vegas 1982 Formula 1 Grand Prix

For those who aren’t into Formula One history that much, we have to say that in 1982, there was a Formula 1 race here – Ceasars Palace Grand Prix. It was the last time that the elite caravan appeared in Nevada. 

Back then, the winner was Michele Alboreto, who drove Tyrrell-Ford, ending the track first following 75 laps of fierce driving. McLaren-Ford’s John Watson was second, while Eddie Cheever in Ligier-Matra took the third place on the podium. It was also a street race that closed the 1982 campaign, with Keke Rosberg taking the driver’s title and Ferrari the constructors’ honors. 

Before the race, Rosberg and Watson battled for the championship, while three teams were in the mix to lift the trophy: Ferrari, McLaren, and Renault. It was a perfect ending to a season.

2023 Las Vegas F1 Race

This year’s race won’t have the same significance as the one 41 years ago, but it will be interesting because of the battle for second place in the constructions championship, with Ferrari and McLaren competing for the second spot on the podium. 

Max Verstappen and Red Bull already solved all the enigmas regarding the titles in both competitions.

You can see our offers and the odds for the upcoming race on this link.



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