The 20204 EURO is about to start, and with all due respect to all other football tournaments, that will be the most interesting and popular competition this summer. All the teams are already in Germany, getting ready to start the adventure, and we are also here to run over things and make a short analysis.

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EURO History

Spain and Germany are the most successful teams in the EURO championships, with three titles each, one more than Italy and France. The Czech Republic, Greece, Netherlands, Soviet Union, Denmark and Portugal have one trophy each. Yugoslavia (twice), England and Belgium have reached the finals but lost the matches.

Cristiano Ronaldo will appear in his sixth tournament, the most of all players, and he will also try to improve his goalscoring record of 14 hits at the tournaments. This is, in short, what everyone needs to know about the EURO.

England and France Top Favorites, Portugal and Belgium Dark Horses

England has been one of the best teams in the world for the past several years, though they always slip in the most important moments. We saw them lose in the semis at the World Cup and then in the EURO finals three years ago in front of their own crowd. The reason? Their head coach, Gareth Southgate, simply isn’t at the same level as his colleagues.

As for France, they have enough experience and quality to attack yet another crown, with them playing with multiple players who won the 2018 World Cup in Russia and reached the finals four years later in Qatar. Apart from that, the winning mentality implemented by the legendary Didier Deschamps is something that makes the Gauls special, along with the fact that they have Antoine Griezmann, the guy who is simply the heart and the soul of the unit.

Germany, Italy, and Spain are also in the mix, yet the injuries of the latter two units and the hosts’ inconsistency significantly lower their prospects ahead of the start. Germany has struggled to play decent football in the recent few years, even though it has fantastic individuals.

Meanwhile, Spain had Gabi and Pedri injured for most of the season, and the two youngsters are the motor of the unit, despite all the other top names like City’s Rodri. Italy also has plenty of injuries, and also, the Azzurri suffered a change of the generations with the defense losing its top names.

Now, many forget Belgium and Portugal, and they are our top two dark horses. The Devils are going to one big championship without pressure for the first time since they built this generation. On the other hand, Portugal has superstars in each position, and none of them had a tough and demanding season. When playing without pressure or fresh, that’s a big edge compared to all other rivals, who either had a stressful campaign, or exhausted, or both.

Mbappe, Bellingham and Ronaldo Leading the Way

The top three stars at this championship will be Kylian Mbappe, Jude Bellingham, and Cristiano Ronaldo. The first leads France and is now a new member of Real Madrid, while the second is England’s top player and the new leader of the Three Lions, who is already an indispensable part of Real’s unit.

When it comes to Ronaldo, there is no need to explain anything. Even though many believe his time is over, underestimating one of the best players ever is highly stupid, and we somehow feel that the Portuguese legend will prove everyone wrong as soon as the competition starts.

Of other big stars, we have to mention Luka Modric and Harry Kane, two elite European football players who aren’t getting enough credit despite their brilliant displays.



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