Hungaroring is one of the most interesting Grand Prix in Formula 1. The track in Hungary is one of the narrowest, and we often see a lot of crashes there. Whoever wins the pole position has a massive advantage, because of the track’s characteristics. Lewis Hamilton is the undisputed ruler here, with seven triumphs in his career. and with three wins in the previous four races.


Unfortunately for all the Ferrari fans who were hoping to see at least Sebastian Vettel in the first two starting grids, that won’t happen.

The German had a solid second practice today, finishing first, but it appears that the Mercedes took a break during that session. Hamilton showed all o this power during the qualifiers, posting the second pole since the start of the campaign, 90th in his career. He was faster than his colleague Valtteri Bottas, and the third one was Lance Stroll from Racing Point.

Hamilton’s pole hasn’t been questioned for one single moment, even though Bottas stuck around for quite some time. Two Mercedes were once again the fastest on the track, displaying the quickness from the start until the end.

Racing Point will have the entire second grid for themselves, as Sergio Perez took place No.4, and it seems that their cooperation with Mercedes gives positive results.

Vettel and Leclerc are fifth and sixth, and that is another frustrating outcome for Ferrari’s army of fans. More was expected here, especially after the second practice as we mentioned earlier.

Max Verstappen was struggling with his vehicle the whole time, and won place No.7, which promises an exciting start here, with both Prancing Horses ahead of him. We all know that the young Dutchman has enormous motives once he sees the red car.

McLaren’s Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz are 8th and 9th, and Pierre Gasly completes the first ten.

Now about the race tomorrow, we can expect rain at some point, because all the weather prognosis predicts this. If, by any chance, such a scenario happens, we might see numerous crashes and withdrawals from the race. Just take a look at previous editions fo this GP with rain involved.

From our point of view, Hamilton is the biggest favorite, as he has seven wins here; two straight. The reigning champ caught his usual rhythm and he isn’t stopping, which means that anything below a win for him would be disappointing.

Ferrari’s and Verstappen are far behind, having their own troubles, and that makes the Brit relaxed.

Previous Races

As we said in three of the previous four, Hamilton lifted the trophy, with Sebastian Vettel managing to squeeze in with a win in 2017. The German is the only active driver who has multiple victories here, adding one in 2015 besides the above-mentioned.


Hamilton’s victory is our choice for this race. We pretty much said everything why you should listen to us. The current swing, the momentum, his vehicle (which is far better than any else in the caravan), other rivals’ troubles (especially Ferrari’s) all this makes it more than logical to back up his win in Hungary.

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