Jake Paul and Nate Diaz bring the main sports event this weekend, with the two clashing in a boxing spectacle that will take place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

Neither of these guys is a real boxer, but they strive to become one. Paul entered this sport because of fun, and later on, progressed into a magnet for huge-cahs exhibition events. On the other side, Diaz is one of the most iconic figures in the MMA world, but he isn’t a real boxer.

The analysts suggest that this might be one of the most profitable boxing matches ever, despite it being an exhibition one, and not impacting the sport’s competitive side.

Saturday’s battle is at 185 pounds, and it is aired on DAZN pay-per-view.

Jake Paul VS Nate Diaz Preview

Jake Paul

Paul is a bigger guy in this story and more experienced when it comes to boxing. This is his only discipline, and even though he has only seven fights in his life, the popular YouTuber has a certain talent, which we saw in the past. His most recent bout was a split decision loss to Tommy Fury in February this year, and before that, we’ve seen Paul winning six events in a row.

He had four KO victories, and some of the names he managed to defeat are highly impressive. For instance, Paul KOd Tyron Woodly, the former UFC welterweight champion, whom he previously beat via split decision. After that, he was better than Anderson Silva, one of the all-time greats in the sport. Paul smashed the former UFC fighter, Ben Askren via first-round TKO.

The influencer has only 26 years, and the time is ahead of him. So far, his improvement inside the ring was acknowledged by many. The KO power in his fists is massive, and many believe he could turn out to be a decent boxer. Cardio was a problem in the beginning, but after going toe-to-toe with Tommy Fury for eight rounds, nobody mentions that anymore.

Nate Diaz

As said, the Stockton-born is one of the biggest shots in the MMA ever, as he created some of the most iconic moments of this sport. For sure, he left his mark on the UFC as well, being one of the most important factors in its growth.

The fantastic victory over Conor McGregor, his recent bout with Leon Edwards, and a photo of him mocking the now-champion, plus various other situations in and outside the octagon, have made him famous. If it weren’t for his three-year pause between 2016 and 2019, who knows what would have happened with his career.

Diaz is debuting inside the boxing ring. He is one of the toughest fighters ever, but he wasn’t an elite boxer in the UFC. Of his 21 victories, Diaz won 12 via submission and only five after a KO. He did hurt his rivals with fists, but still, his main strength was jiu-jitsu.


Even though this is a 185-pound fight, the advantage will be on Paul’s side, because he used to meet his rivals somewhere around this weight. Meanwhile, Diaz was beneath pretty much all the time, and we are yet to see how he manages to find his way around and move with so many pounds. There is no doubt that he is a durable guy, but Paul is bigger, stronger, and possibly has better cardio. Plus, he knows all the boxing moves and tactics, unlike Diaz.

That’s why we pick the influencer to post another win here and justify the odds bookies shared on his victory.

Pick: Jake Paul wins at 1/5 BetXchange


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