Whether it’s Golf, Boxing, Rugby or Tennis, if you’re the best in the world in your professional sport, you will be rewarded handsomely. No truer is this than in the Tennis industry. With the Australian Open underway this month and the start of the 2016 Grand Slams, you may be interested to know what some of your favourite Tennis stars earn and how they compare to previous Tennis legends.

Infographic: Top Tennis Prize Money



  1. Roger Federer – Leading the pack is one of the world’s most loved Tennis players. His calm demeanour and professional sportsmanship have earned this man much respect in the sporting world. The Swiss professional tennis player held the world No. 1 position for 302 weeks which included 237 consecutive weeks, something that tennis betting fans were going crazy with. He has won 17 Grand Slam singles titles and has reached the Wimbledon final ten times, a startling amount of records in just a few years. Roger Federer has to date earned $97,341,456 in prize money.
  2. Novak Djokovic – This Serbian Tennis star has taken the world by storm. He is currently the world’s number one ranked tennis player and has won 10 Grand Slam titles so far. Djokovic has smashed a number of records and is the first Serbian player to be ranked No. 1 by the ATP and the first male player representing Serbia to win a Grand Slam singles title. For his incredible talent, Djokovic has to date earned $94,251,218 in prize money.
  3. Rafael Nadal – The Left-handed Spaniard who first reached world number 1 in 2008 has 67 titles to his name. Interestingly he has served 2,673 Aces in his career, faced 4600 break points and has won 85% of his Service Games. It’s no wonder this Tennis Ace has cashed in $75,997,140 in prize money to date.
  4. Serena Williams – Serena powered into the professional tennis world in 1995, with her debut in Quebec City. She has since had 5 Number 1 seasons, won 5 WTA titles in 2015, 7 in 2014 and a whopping 11 in 2013. No wonder she is the highest earning female tennis player of all time with total prize money sitting at $74,083,421.
  5. Pete Sampras – “Pistol Pete” is considered by some to be the greatest tennis player of all time. He was the first player to win 14 major titles, only to be eclipsed by Roger Federer in 2009. His leading streak however had lasted 7 years at that point. The now retired, great American player, earned a total of $43,280,489 prize money in his tennis career.
  6. Andy Murray – Andy Murray is currently ranked as World Number 2 but has never reached world number 1 (yet). Even so, this Scottish tennis legend has earned himself $42,435,316 in prize money. Not bad considering he only turned Pro in 2005.
  7. Maria Sharapova – The blonde bombshell from Russia stole many tennis fans hearts when she was ranked word number 4 in 2004. Maria’s highest rankings were in 2006, 2012 and 2014 were she ranked world number 2. In 2015 she dropped to number 4 but could 2016 be here year? This beauty has raked in a cool $36,484,486 in prize money to date.
  8. Andre Agassi – This American tennis legend dominated the courts from the early 1990’s to the mid 2000’s. Agassi was the first male player to win all four Grand Slam tournaments on three different tennis court surfaces (hard, clay and grass), and the last American male to win the French Open (in 1999) and the Australian Open (in 2003). For his sterling efforts Agassi has cashed in $31,142,975 in prize money and is now retired from the courts.
  9. Venus Williams – This incredibly strong lady powered into world number 2 position in 2002, however has since then struggled to maintain stable rankings by dropping to 103 in 2011 and then back up to Number 7 in 2014. There is no doubt that Venus is exceptionally talented and growing from strength to strength, definitely one to watch out for in the 2016 tennis circuit. Her total prize money to date stands at $32,609,940
  10. David Ferrer – Nadals fellow countryman has gone from strength to strength over the last 15 years of his professional tennis career. 2012 was a big year for David when he won 7 tournament titles but his career high came in 2013 when he was ranked number 3 in the world. Ferrers total prize money so far is $28,390,804
  11. Victoria Azarenka – This Belarus beauty came onto the international tennis circuit in 2003 when she won in the ITF Circuit in Israel. Since then she has won and played in a number of tournaments and was ranked world number 22 in 2015. For her efforts she has won a total of $25,786,573 in prize money.
  12. Boris Becker – This former world number 1 took the tennis world by storm in his early days as in 1985 he became the first unseeded player and the first German player to win the Wimbledon singles title, defeating Kevin Curren in four sets. Unseeded, Becker was at that time ranked 20th in ATP ranking, but Wimbledon did not then seed players beyond the top 16. He was the youngest ever male Grand Slam singles champion at the age of 17. In total he has won $25,080,956 in prize money. Nowadays however his talent has been put to good use and he is coach to the world’s top ranked tennis player; Novak Djokovic.