Toni Kroos is said to be one of the most humble aces in football history. Not only did he win everything, but he did so with class and style, like only a few before him.

Unfortunately, the time has come for him to retire, and that’s a huge blow for all of us football fans. The German stated several weeks ago that he plans to end his career and avoid going to the USA or Saudi Arabia but go out while being at the top.

It’s classy, for sure.

And what one player wants more than to receive a standing ovation in the Champions League finals while winning the trophy in his last game? There isn’t a better way to close a career.

Since starting his professional career, everyone knew that this youngster at the time would be the ONE. He had everything already in 17 years, and it’s no wonder why he became Bayern’s motor right away. A Tripled in 2013 was the crown of his tenure in Munich, and after that, many believed that he would stay forever at Allianz, yet he decided to have a slightly different future.

Kroos wanted to be hungry and to face a challenge, deciding to go to Real Madrid and bring back the glory to Los Blancos, who did face certain struggles and were looking in Barcelona’s back at the time. So the Golden Era of the best-ever football team began, maybe greater than the one when Santiago Bernabeu was in charge. Five Champions League titles and numerous other trophies – that’s the result of Kroos’ stint in Madrid.

Even though Ronaldo, Benzema, Modric, and Vinicius received more hype, we can say that they wouldn’t be as effective and popular without Kroos behind them. Why? Well, we will tell you just one piece of data. In ten years of playing for Real, Kroos had 33,911 attempted passes and 31,769 completed !!!!

And what can we say about his role in Germany’s national team back in 2014, when they won the World Cup in Brazil, dominantly without a worthy rival, even though Argentina managed to reach the extra time in the finals? He was the playmaker and the brain of the team, not Muller, Gundogan, and others. Kroos.

Later, the national team was the only place he didn’t enjoy success and where Kroos experienced lows in his magnificent career. But that World Cup title is something that will be remembered, not those losses.

Toni Kroos has 32 club trophies. He won pretty much everything. And he won in life. He has a stable marriage with three kids, which is enough for one modest yet classy person like him. Right now, he wants to open a football academy under his name to teach kids how to become great football players. But we somehow feel that no matter how successful he is, that academy won’t produce a better player than he was.

Apart from that, he has a podcast, which is pretty popular and which he plans to develop even more. Kroos also registered three brands, some of them for football equipment, meaning that he has plans in business, too. We must remind everyone that he worked in Qatar during the World Cup as a commentator on one of the biggest German networks.

Therefore, as with most former stars, his retirement won’t be boring. To be honest, we are waiting to see him become a coach, which is fairly possible given his IQ for the game and his overall mentality.

But we will be sad anyway because one football maestro won’t make laser-precise passes, nor will we see him dancing on the field with the football.


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