Rugby is one of the most, if not the most, popular sports in South Africa. Due to this it has fast become one of the most popular choices for sports betting online and offline. There are very strong patriotic feelings towards the national Springbok team as well as the provincial rugby teams such as the Blue Bulls, Sharks and Lions, and punters enjoy betting on exciting rugby tournaments and matches.
There are many ways in which to bet in Rugby, we have however highlighted a few different market options below for ease of reference:
Match result – as the name suggests this is pretty straight forward type of rugby betting and bettors will place their bets on who will win the match or if both teams will draw. Match result betting will often look something like this:
Lions 11/20 (or 0.55/1) – if you like the Lions and bet R200 on them your bet will be 110/200, which means if the Lions win you will win R310 (R200 stake and R110 profit)
Bulls 14/10 (or 1.4/1) – if you like the bulls and bet R200 on them your bet will be 280/200, which means if they win you would win R480 (R200 stake and R280 profit)


Winning margin – simply put, this rugby betting option allows you to choose which team will win and by how many points. A bracket of points are usually used here for example 1-5 or 6-10.

Team to score first or team to score last – Betting on this option is fun and simple. As the name suggests entails betting on which team scores first and/or last.

Handicap – In this market a bookmaker will set a margin that they think the team will win by. This is usually done when the opposing teams differ in strength and performance. It keeps the betting very exciting as your team either has to beat the other team by a certain margin or prevent the other team from winning by a certain margin. In South Africa, this is probably one of the most popular ways of betting on a rugby game.

There are many more types of rugby betting but the above four are probably the most popular. It is useful to research all your options before placing any bets. You can also read Advice for Effective Rugby Betting for interesting tips and strategies once you’ve decided where and how you will be betting.
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