Tennis Fever is slowly rising with the start of the French Open in May, Wimbledon in June and the US Open in August. We have put together a few tennis betting tips to consider before placing your bets on these exciting tournaments.

Online Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis Betting Tip 1: Do your Research

As with betting on just about any sport, it’s important to do your homework. Read up on how players perform on different surfaces, for example Nadal is superb on clay while Djokovic is better on grass courts. Understand whether they have suffered any injuries or have just played a tough few consecutive matches and could be exhausted both mentally and physically. Are they playing to a home crowd? Has the match-up taken place before and what was the outcome? These questions are all important and will really help you to gauge how a player will perform and increase your chances of making the right betting choice.

Tennis Betting Tip 2: Explore other Tennis Betting Markets

With the increase in popularity of tennis betting, most bookmakers have increased the betting markets available. These include First Set Winner, Set Betting, Game Handicap and Over/under games. It’s often fun to place your bets in different markets for maximum return.

Tennis Betting Tip 3: Bet what you can afford

If you are wanting to place an online sports bet, it’s important to plan your budget and stick to it. Allocate a certain amount to your betting bankroll and stick to this no matter what. Start off with small tennis bets if you’re new to online sports betting and increase only when you know more about tennis betting.

Tennis Betting Tip 4: Use only registered online sports betting websites

There are unfortunately a few unscrupulous online sports betting bookmakers out there whom you should be wary of. They are not registered with the Gambling Board in their province and therefore legally should not be operating. There are however many reputable online sports betting websites that offer safe and secure transactions, excellent betting odds and sign-up bonuses and promotions. Read here for a list of the most reputable online sports betting websites available.

Place your Tennis Bets

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