The finals are here. Some might say that they are a bit surprising, but when we look at the overall performance of these two sides, it isn’t like that. Both Senegal and Algeria deserved to meet here, as they truly are two of the best teams in this Africa Cup of Nations. What also makes this contest interesting is the fact that we don’t have a favorite. All the bookies around the world are giving equal chances for winning the trophy to both Lions and Desert Warriors. So don’t miss this one, it will be fun to watch.

Match Preview

Senegal played one hell of a game against Tunisia. Without any hesitation, we could say that if Sassi converted a penalty, the Lions would have been on the brink of the elimination. But they too missed a penalty of their own, and the regulations ended without any goals. Even in the extra-times, neither of Senegal’s players netted, and Cisse’s team advanced to the finals after an own goal of Gent’s defender Dylan Bronn. This was the third straight event in which we haven’t seen more than one score. In general, all of the Lions’ games except a triumph against Kenya in the group stage saw under 2.5 goals. Plus, what is also interesting all six matches they played here in Egypt concluded with just one side netting. It is almost the trademark of this crew. When looking at other statistical aspects, we need to stress out that the sole loss in the last 10 events was recorded versus Algeria in the second round of the group phase.

Algeria meanwhile, has nothing but success in this tournament. A clash against the Ivory Coast was the rare problematic situation, but Belmadi’s boys overcame that after the penalties. Riyad Mahrez’s superb free-kick in the fifth minute of the injury time against Nigeria has sent the Desert Warriors in the finals, and that goal came as a reward for all the excellent matches played here in Egypt, despite the fact that they haven’t been that dominating against Nigeria. Still, luck is sometimes a key ingredient in every success. Unlike the majority of other African teams, Algeria likes to play efficient matches, and we saw them scoring in each game at ACN. In four out of the last six, they netted twice at least. And one more thing; Desert Warriors didn’t lose in the latest 13 events.

Head to Head

The two sides played in the group, and Algeria won with a minimal result, 1-0. Youcef Belaili was the only scorer in that contest, after 49 minutes of play. Algeria neutralized Senegal’s performance with the tough and harsh approach at the midfield, as they had 34 fouls, compared to only 19 by the Lions. That was especially noticeable after they reached the lead. The history is also not on Senegal’s side. Lions haven’t won against Algeria since 2008, recording just one draw and four losses.


Judging by the way the two teams play, we can expect a really tough and physical match. A lot of tactics and individual assignments will be involved, and most of them will be focused on defense. Because of that, under 2.5 goals is our choice here. Odds at BetXChange are 0.41. Furthermore, if you feel more courageous, take under 1.5 with the odds at the same place at 1.42. Be sure that this match isn’t going to see many goals.


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