After one delightful summer in Europe, Formula 1 is now heading for Asia. We are entering the final part of the season, which starts at Marina Bay circuit in Singapore. The spectators will have a chance to see a wonderful and magnificent night spectacle which leaves everyone without speech. The situation on the track will be quite interesting after the last few races in which Ferrari got the momentum.

Race Preview

Charles Leclerc really did well in the last two races. He managed to win back-to-back contests, and besides him, only the fantastic Lewis Hamilton did that this year. Ferrari’s ambitions rose immediately after such a massive breakthrough. The Italian manufacturer is aware that the chances for winning the title in either of the competitions are close to a statistical error. But then again, winning is in their blood, and after a long time, they finally felt the taste of the same.

The Prancing Horse was improving from weekend to weekend, and if there weren’t for some unlucky developments, these wins should have come earlier during the European part of the tour. But both Leclerc and Vettel were followed by bad luck.

Lewis Hamilton slowed down a little bit, and he would definitely love to pop out on the top place of the podium here. One win in the previous four races is something he didn’t get used to this season. Particulary, following his furious opening when he used to leave the competition far behind. The reigning champion feels the heat for the first time this year, as Valtteri Bottas sits 63 points away, but with much more complicated circumstances than before. Ferrari is now here, Red Bull also, and once you have multiple factors in your equation, that always makes things tougher.

Bottas is, meanwhile quiet. He isn’t in the center of the media attention too much and doesn’t want to give some bombastic interviews, which means that he might have some plans he doesn’t want to reveal.

Red Bull hopes to be very competitive here. This is one of their favorite tracks, as they posted many wins here. Plus, Max Verstappen is motivated to bounce back after the recent setbacks, and we do know the possibilities of the young Dutchman. According to all the bookies he is the No.2 favorite in this race behind Hamilton. And that is slightly behind the Brit, not like Vettel or someone else.

Previous Races

In the last five years, Mercedes won four times here and Ferrari just once. Lewis Hamilton was the best in the previous two races, and in total, he has four titles at Marina Bay. Vettel also has the same number of wins, but three came while he drove Red-Bull Renault. Since Fernando Alonso in 2010, only Nico Rosberg managed to squeeze himself in between these two guys and to snatch the trophy in 2016. It is pretty tough to see Vettel winning here, especially because of his current state, we have to say that right away.


Our pick here is Max Verstappen to win. He had the best results at the initial training practices on Friday, and it seems that he is really into winning this one. He was very frustrated after Monza when he finished 8th, and we believe in his motivation this time. Plus, Red-Bull loves to compete here, regardless of the engine they have. BetXChange has a superb offer for our choice, because they pay Max’s win with 1.45. If you want a safe bet, then choose the young Dutchman to finish among top three, with odds at 0.22.


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