Charles Leclerc won his second pole position in Formula 1 earlier today. The Ferarri driver ended up first at the Austrian GP training session, confirming his rise over the past few races.

The 21-year old has been magnificent during the entire qualifications, and he left the reigning champion Lewis Hamilton behind him, as well as Max Verstappen from the Red Bull.

Hamilton is also under investigation and might lose that spot if it is proved that he recklessly endangered Kimi Raikkonen during the first part of the qualifiers. The Finn was on a fast lap, unlike Hamilton, who eventually slowed down the former world champion. It caused for Raikkonen to be very mad, even showing the middle finger to the Brit.

Mercedes’ other driver Valtteri Bottas was fourth, while Kevin Magnussen ended fifth. It is by far the best drive of the season by Haas’ driver. However, he will have to start five places lower because of a penalty.

Lando Norris will, in fact, be on the fifth position at the start of tomorrow’s Grand Prix.

Alfa Romeo duo Kimmi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi are sixth and seventh, Pierre Galsly from Red Bull eighth, while Sebastian Vettel starts behind these three guys.

Ferrari’s leading driver had engine problems which prevented him from even going out and fight for the pole following the second part of the qualifications. According to some sources it was the air pressure line which made problems for the German.

The race in Austria starts at 4:10 PM local time Pretoria.

P.S. In the latest development of the story, Lewis Hamilton will be penalized three positions, meaning that he will start from the fifth place tomorrow.


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