The Europa League matches continue this week, and we have two of them on the betting menu. The first one is Inter Milan vs. Getafe, while the second is between Manchester United and LASK Linz. 

Inter Milan vs. Getafe

This game will be played in Germany just to notify you, because this would have been their first leg. Since there is no time for that, only one match will be played, at the neutral venue. Previously brought the decision that Germany hosts all the quarterfinals, would also apply to the round of 16 pairs who didn’t conclude their first legs.

Inter is coming in much better shape, as they haven’t lost for eight straight games, unlike Getafe, whose form after the restart of La Liga was terrible. Antonio Conte’s guys played solid in recent times, and if by any chance they performed like this earlier, Juventus wouldn’t win the title this easy.

Inter’s attack is very good, and during their latest defeatless span, they scored two or more goals in each but one event. They are without a trophy this year, and this competition is the ultimate chance for saving the season, which is why we predict them to be very, very serious, and motivated. 

Getafe was one of the nicest surprises in the Spanish and European football before all the hell broke out because of Coronavirus. But it seems that the pause didn’t suit them at all, and after the comeback, this side won just one of their 11 matches. 

During the pre-Corona period, they were after the Champions League in their domestic competition. Eventually, they didn’t reach the Europa League in the end, posting one win, and five losses and draws each. 

It seems that their mindset evaporated, and that they didn’t have the strength to bounce back, allowing everything to fall apart.

We are backing up Inter here, because of two things. The first one is Getafe’s demotivation and their overall situation. Apart from being in a knockdown, their obligations ended two weeks ago. Odds on Inter’s win are at 0.70.

Manchester United vs. LASK Linz

The Red Devils won 5-0 in the first event, packing three goals into LASK’s net in the last 10 minutes of the match, two of them being in the stoppage time. Because of this, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer allowed his players to leave and to relax a little bit after an exhausting Champions League hunt, which ended with them securing the position in the elite competition of European football. As you can recall, they defeated Leicester in the last round, 0-2 in a direct battle for the UCL.

When playing at the Old Trafford, which would be the case here, United’s games are usually efficient, and six of the past 8 finished with over 2.5 goals. 

LASK had a very frustrating end of the competition in Austria as the state FA penalized them for breaking the rules regarding the comeback to the training sessions. At the time of the fine, they were first in the standings, having a massive momentum but deducted points, and everything which surrounded the entire case was too much for them.

In the end, this team ended fourth in the Tippico Bundesliga, reaching the Europa League once again. They are willing to play open and offensive, and in numerous situations, the defense is stretched out, and left overexposed, which results in conceded goals. 

Our prediction for this event is to bet on over 1.5 goals in the first halftime, as we strongly believe in an efficient match at Trafford. The odds at BetXChange are at 1.10.


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